Do this setting in WhatsApp

Do this setting in WhatsApp

Today WhatsApp is the most used in the world to send multimedia messages. There are many groups on WhatsApp as well, in which we also send messages and others, but the biggest problem is when anyone adds us to a group. So now the question is how to get out of this trouble.

First of all, update your WhatsApp app from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. After that open WhatsApp and go to Settings. Now click on Privacy in Settings. 

Now click on the groups button. After this you will see three options Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody.

Now from here, you have to choose the option that you want. If you want no one to add you to any group, then choose the third option Nobody. 

After choosing Nobody, if the administrator of a WhatsApp group wants to add you to the group, then he will first send you the invoice. After that he will be able to add you to the group only after he has done OK on your behalf.

Do this setting in WhatsApp, Do this setting in WhatsApp,

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