Do not go to the police station for cybercrime complaints if you know this website.

Currently, people are focusing more on Google search, social media, as well as other areas of internet usage. Every day many people are exposed to online scams and financial losses. However, you can cybercrime complaints online directly without going to the police station.

Currently, people are focusing more on Google search, social media, and other aspects of internet usage. These include online cab booking, banking, purchasing goods using e-commerce platforms, booking movie tickets, using online streaming platforms, online music, radio, and many other services. But just as convenient as all of these are, there are also complications such as online scams & banking scams. Every day many people are exposed to these online scams and financial losses. But most of these are things that do not come out. Numerous surveys have shown that pornography websites and fraudulent e-commerce websites are the main reasons for these online scams. Another primary reason is that people turn to unknown sites and people who are also tempted by offers. However, you can complain online directly without going to the police station. Please read this article in its entirety to find out more!

Dedicated portal for these issues

To address issues related to such online scams, the Government of India has launched an online cybercrime complaint portal. Not only do people register complaints online through this portal, how far has the investigation of those complaints come? It is also possible to find out.

Report fraud immediately!

We do not need to expose ourselves to scams. Sometimes those around us may fall prey to such scams. Some people do not know how to complain or are afraid to complain. If you tell a story to those who don’t know about it, give courage to those who are so scared, and cybercrime complaints online, someone like them or us will not be like this. We can register cybercrime complaints related to online banking and cybercrime in this port.

What is a website!

  1. First, open the ‘‘ website and click on the ‘File a Complaint’ button.
  2. Now accept the “Terms and Conditions” on the next page.
  3. Then click on the ‘Report Other Cyber ​​Crime’ button.
  4. Select the ‘citizen login’ option here and enter the details like state, username, mobile number.

Full details of the event must give

  1. Now enter the OTP received on the mobile, enter the captcha, and click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  2. In the next screen, you have to enter the essential details related to it.
  3. This form mainly divided into four parts. Incident details suspect details, complaint details preview. After filling all these, press the submit button.

Social media account details included!

  1. On the page where the details of the incident are registered, the details like complaint type, subcategory time of incident received/received/seen/happened, the reason for the delay in reporting, place of the event should enter.
  2. Enter your social media account details, website URL, and then update the evidence related to the crime.

Certificates must provide!

  1. Now click on the ‘Save and Next’ button.
  2. Then enter the name, identity proof, address, details of the suspects (if you know them).
  3. Enter your e-mail, address, photo, and other details in the complaint registration area and proceed to the next step.
  4. Now, after verifying every detail you have entered and confirmed that are correct, press the ‘confirm and submit’ button to register your cybercrime complaints successfully.

Print can also take

By clicking on the ‘Download PDF’ button in the last step, you can also download the PDF file related to your cybercrime complaints. It can also print. In some cases, people are reluctant to give a charge directly to the police. The reasons for this can be many. In such cases, compliance in this way is somewhat flexible. So report these things to anyone you know who has been deceived like this and see justice does them.

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