Google Search

Do you use Google Search a lot? But there are some things you definitely need to know.

A large percentage of Internet users rely on Google to find what they want. From cooking to online banking to money transfer, Google is the mother of everything.

One thing to keep in mind though is that Google does not always produce the content you want. All you have to do is put forward the content on the various websites according to the search you have done! So there is no rule that what Google says about the things you want to be true. It would be better for you not to search for these 10 things in general Google search.

1. Customer care numbers

Customer care scams are one of the most common scams on Google. It has come to light in recent times that people are being deceived by fake customer numbers and making money from them. So if you want a customer care number for any company it is best to go directly to that company’s website and get the customer care number.

2. Search online banking websites

Unless you know the correct official URL, it is not a good idea to do a Google search for banks’ official websites. This is because phishing pages similar to the official pages of banks are becoming more and more popular these days. Into those pages but that’s all you have to do with your login ID and password! Your account will be empty in seconds. Hackers are creating phishing pages similar to the Bank website. So it is best to log in to the official website of the bank via URL.

3. Apps, software

For Android users, it is better to use the Play Store and iPhone users for the App Store. This is because, by searching on Google, you install fake apps and the malware in them, all your data is at risk of being lost to hackers.

4. Symptoms of the disease, medications

If you have health problems it is a good idea to turn to a doctor rather than Google. Does Google have an MBBS certificate to tell you which medications to use depending on your symptoms? So just as smoking and alcohol are harmful to health, it is even more harmful to turn to Google for diseases and drugs.

5. Financial, stock market advice

Just like physical health, financial health is also extremely essential for man. There are no instant plans to make you rich overnight. Then there will be no poverty in the world! So do not rely on Google for investment related items.

6. Government Websites

Like banking websites, government websites such as municipal taxes and government securities are major targets for hackers. It is very difficult to catch what is genuine and what is fake on the websites available by doing a Google search.

7. Social media websites

There is nothing better than logging into a social media website via an official URL. Because there is a risk that phishing pages in Google search and your username and password will fall into the hands of hackers.

8. E-commerce websites, offers

Fake websites related to e-commerce websites have recently started flooding Google. The scams are also very methodical. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. Offers are also very high. If you make an online payment, your bank details will go to the website administrator. You will lose money and the item you bought will not even come. Fake products will come if they come. So it is best to buy directly on the official website via URL.

9. Anti-virus apps or software

Do not even search Google for anti-virus apps or software. Because it is impossible for a human being to find out which of them is genuine and which is counterfeit.

10. Coupon codes for discounts

Do a Google search for coupon codes for offers on various shopping websites. This is because of the fact that fake websites selling fake coupons have become very common in recent times. A coupon worth Rs 1,000 is called Rs 100k. If you make a hasty online payment, not only will your money be lost, but your bank details will also fall into the hands of hackers. So if you are hoping for offers in such matters, your bank details will say bye to you.

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