Deadpool Cameo Was Considered for Sequel

  • A Deadpool cameo was considered for “Doctor Strange 2,” according to the film’s screenwriter.
  • Michael Waldron told it didn’t feel like the right place to see the character.
  • “Deadpool 3” is in the works at Marvel Studios with Ryan Reynolds.

If you were hoping to see Deadpool in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” it was something Marvel Studios considered.

“Yeah, we talked about it,” “Doctor Strange 2” screenwriter Michael Waldron told

“I think we talked about everything in this movie,” Waldron added. “So, [it] would’ve been crazy to not raise that, but it ultimately didn’t feel like … It just didn’t feel the right place. But yeah, of course we talked about it.” 

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool character was one of many characters who was rumored to appear in the “Doctor Strange” sequel.

Fans were convinced that Tom Cruise may appear in the film as an alternate version of Iron Man. Waldron told Rolling Stone that rumor “was totally made up.” 

In February, Reynolds promised in a Variety interview that he wasn’t in the sequel.

Marvel Studios is working on a third “Deadpool” movie featuring Reynolds reprising his role as the popular Marvel character.

The sequel will be directed by Shawn Levy, who recently teamed with Reynolds on “Free Guy” and Netflix’s “The Adam Project.” Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the screenwriters for the first two movies in the franchise, have returned to work on the third script. 

Though Reynolds and Cruise didn’t appear in “Multiverse of Madness,” John Krasinski and Sir Patrick Stewart were among the actors who made cameos in the sequel as Mister Fantastic and Charles Xavier respectively.

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