Dark Souls 3 successfully continued the formula set by the previous titles while also injecting a bit of Bloodborne‘s design into it as well. Many players want to see Bloodborne on PC someday, and one fan is taking it into their own hands, injecting that game’s DNA into Dark Souls 3 through brilliant modding.

The Dark Souls 3 modding community is thriving to this day in thanks to its many dedicated members. If there is some type of change that players are looking for, chances are a mod already exists for it, there being many funny Dark Souls 3 mods as well as more substantial, serious ones too. Dark Souls 3 released a year after the PS4-exclusive Bloodborne, generally maintaining the same tone and themes as the previous Dark Souls games, while also speeding up the combat a bit with more beast encounters. To this day, there remains an outpouring of people hoping for Bloodborne to come to PC, though as time continues, it seems less and less likely.


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Elproteh on Twitter has shared their progress on a spectacular Dark Souls 3 mod that makes the game look and play like Bloodborne. In their tweet, elproteh writes, “Closest Bloodborne experience for PC so far?” before speaking about what they have been working on and a clip that showcases it.

In the clip, a Hunter from Bloodborne fights Dark Souls 3‘s first boss, Iudex Gundyr, using the iconic Saw Cleaver and Hunter Pistol combination of weapons. What’s more, some of Bloodborne‘s mechanics and UI elements are here, with the Hunter quick-stepping instead of dodge-rolling, performing Visceral Attacks instead of Parries, and earning Blood Echoes upon the boss’ defeat instead of Souls.

As elproteh states, their mod is not an entirely new one, but an assemblage of already existing mods, like Hunter’s Combat, Bloodborne Dash, and Bloodborne Hud to name a few. Elproteh explains in one of their replies, “This is just sort of a modpack I’m gathering and applying my own tweaks and changes to make the experience even closer to Bloodborne.”

They provide a list of all the mods being used in the replies, though they note that there will be some pesky errors that will likely affect gameplay. While elproteh is open to releasing the modpack after they’re done modifying it, they are unsure if it’s possible as they would need permissions from the other original modders.

Modders are some of the most creative gamers out there, in their ability to make what was designed for one game work in another. It helps in this case that Bloodborne is a part of the “Soulsborne” series, but it is nonetheless an impressive accomplishment by elproteh to replicate the game in Dark Souls 3.

Dark Souls 3 is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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