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The important sections of current affairs are policies and decisions taken by the government that affect the citizens of our country, new discoveries in the field of science and technology. Questions on Defense News are asked in the exam together. Sports news related to the venue of events, medals and participants, banking sector and economic news also play an important role in the exam.
Current affairs include recent political changes, administrative changes at high level, recent important decisions by courts, topics of bilateral dialogue between nations and sports mainly on Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and World Championships. In exams like Banking, UPSC, Railways, there are a large number of questions on current affairs. If you are more aware of what is happening around you then you will be privileged and respected in the society. Everyone wants to talk to someone who has more knowledge and who can guide them in life, so stay updated and try to go through newspapers and web portals to get knowledge. Stop listening to useless debates on news channels and try to extract meaningful content from news which is very less in electronic media nowadays, so you need to be smart while watching news on television.
If you are preparing for competitive exams, then the current affairs section is very important. Questions are asked from this section in most of the exams. This section consists of questions on Science, Sports, Politics, Economics etc. Nowadays examinees want to check how aware a candidate is about what is happening in and around the world. A candidate must pay some extra attention to the current affairs of the particular section for which he is applying. Suppose a candidate is giving bank exam then he should give some extra attention to banking news, if he is applying for railway then he should pay extra attention to railway related news.

Current affairs are not only essential for the exam aspirants but a common citizen of any society should always be updated about what is happening around him/her. So if he stays updated then he can take better decisions in his daily life. If a person is updated and aware then he can contribute to his society economically, socially and politically. He can judge better governance, and can take advantage of all the policies of the government which are made for him by the government. We can read newspapers, watch television and go through many web portals to get news. We should make a habit of reading newspaper, web portal daily. To test our knowledge we can go through quiz on current affairs.

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