COVID-19: Myth vs. Fact

As more and more lies are exposed about the US government’s response to COVID-19, it becomes increasingly clear how those holding offices of power and influence have been exploited to gain petty political gains. Millions of lives are at risk, jeopardizing not only the concept of leadership but also democracy. Using the mouthpieces of the top leadership, the truth has been repeatedly misunderstood to encourage innocent people to vulnerable to COVID-19 without thinking and thereby neglecting their own well-being. Now that skeletons continue to fall out of the closet, and bodies are buried by the millions, the people of America have realized what a grave turmoil they have inadvertently created.

As if the pandemic itself wasn’t scary enough, using such a serious issue to gain political mileage and ransom the country is the ultimate tipping point. Not only lakhs of innocent lives have been lost in the race to grab power unopposed but the real hero of this tragedy, the safety of health workers and the first line response team has also been compromised and their valiant efforts have not been given due recognition. Warranted it. If such abominable example continues even today, it will not take long for hell to break down and people will lose faith in the goodness and humanity, which will lead to the complete collapse of civilized society.

Hence, with a deliberate intention to bust the myths and expose the lies, we have decided to come up with a new section, COVID-19 Myth Vs Facts, where we discuss a raging myth about COVID-19. Which is doing the rounds of social media and dissect it for its authenticity before finally presenting the unadulterated facts to you.

mythExposure to direct sunlight or sunlight can help destroy the COVID 19 germs

The germs of the COVID19 disease are actually microscopic living organisms or viruses that require a healthy host body to survive. If the host body is healthy, it remains there passively without any unwanted health benefits. However, if the same person is moving freely in a crowded or overcrowded public area, he has the potential to spread the infection to others. So weather rarely has any role to play with the birth or destruction of disease germs caused by COVID-19. In cold weather the COVID germs become more actively involved in the search for a host body to survive the unfavorable conditions outside.

Fact: COVID-19 germs are moving freely in the environment at home in hot weather and seeking a host body to attack. An infected person or dormant carrier of the COVID-19 virus will not only act as a carrier for further spread of the germs, but also encourage the virus to reproduce freely under encouraging conditions. wearing face masks and are using hand sanitizer Highly effective in controlling the virus and restricting its free movement in public places.

Source by Avik Mitra

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