CoronaVirus will the lockdown come to an end?

There is a question in the mind of many people. The question is when will the lockdown come to an end? If lockdown is removed, there is danger of return of coronavirus. According to the study of university of Hongkong, there is danger in removing lockdown till the vaccine of corona virus is find out. According to imperial university , it will take minimum 18 months for the vaccine of corona to come in the market. Till 10 April 2020 , there is no community transmission in India. Still people must stay alert and aware . People must follow the guidelines of health department of government. It cannot be denied that danger from corona virus has increased.

There are 4 stages of spread of corona ,India is in second stage of corona. In the first stage only those people get infected with corona who have a travel history from foreign countries. In the second stage those people get infected, who come in contact with people returning from abroad. In the third stage, there is community transmission of the infection. Even those people get infected, who do not have a travel history and have not met with a person having travel history. It becomes difficult to find out how infected person got the infection. In the report of ICMR, 40 people have been found out corona positive with no history of travelling and meeting people having travel history.

These 40 people were from corona hotspots. The fourth stage of spread of corona is very dangerous. It becomes difficult to control the spread of infection. Lakhs of people die . America, Italy and Spain are in fourth stage of corona.

The spread of corona has not reached at third stage in India but Indian Government is making war level preparations. Central Government has announced emergency fund of 15,000 crore. This fund will be used for treatment of corona patients. The fund will also be used for strengthening medical infrastructure in India. Government has given order to 39 domestic companies to make Personal Protective Equipment. Indian government has distributed more than 20 lakhs N-95 masks to various state governments. The order 0f 49,000 new ventilators has been given . The stock of hydroxichloroquine is present 3 times more than needed on 10 April 2020. 28 military hospitals are getting ready for the treatment of corona virus patients. More than 8500 military doctors are put on standby.

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