Corona News: Covid-19 has been controlled by China

The country is facing the problem of corona. Aggressive measures can control the spread of covid-19 disease. Covid-19 has been controlled by China at the cost of citizen independence.

Thermal scanners and compulsary quarantine measures were implemented by China. Independence of citizens was sacrificed for the health of citizens. Those citizens of China who had high temperatures were forced for undergoing medical investigation. These people were not allowed to go to home. People having fever were find out by putting thermal scanners everywhere. People having high fever were immediately sent to clinic for covid-19 investigation. The suspects of corona were made to stay away from the healthy population. It was so aggressive that even parents were not allowed to meet their children.

Those countries who respected individual independence had to face severe consequences of community spread of covid-19. Now such nations are forced to adopt aggressive measures like China to control the spread of corona. The whole world is feeling that only aggressive measures can stop covid-19.

On tuesday night, people ran towards the market after the announcement of the lockdown of 21 days. This led to mass gathering of people. There were long lines of people in front of the shops. The scene was just the opposite of social distancing. It will be wrong to blame the public. People did not want to face the shortage of necessities during the lockdown. The state and central government have repeatedly said that there will not be any shortage of commodities in the market . If needed, necessities will supplied at the doorsteps of people. Some people do not believe in the assurances of government in times of danger . Some people had to return empty hand as the shops became empty. Some people could purchase only some of the commodities of their needs. It cannot be said that these people have purchased all that they need for the next 21 days.

Some commodities are perishable in nature while some goods can be stored for a long period of time. Food, vegetables,milk and bread are examples of perishable goods. During lockdown necessary services will be delivered and necessary goods will be available. Still people have some doubts. When stepping out of the house is prohihited ,how will people reach the market?. There is covid-19 outside the house in the air. The network of E-commerce companies is limited to big cities only. The stock of these companies is getting over . Solution of the problem of shops getting empty needs to be find out quickly.

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