CORONA lockdown India

The world had never been shaken by fear before like the present scenario. The reason is corona. There has been a lot of deaths all around the world. The terror of corona has reduced the economic activities. The government is struggling to maintain economic growth despite fantastic efforts made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The lockdown has reduced the economic activities. It is estimated that lakhs of people will be affected by lockdown. The governments all over the world are trying to reduce the adverse effects of corona. Canada was the first nation to announce economic help for the people living in quarantine. Canada will continue this help for coming 14 weeks. Britain has started a job retention scheme. Under this scheme employers will get 80 percent of salary which they have to pay to their employees.

In India , business has reduced in capital New Delhi and economic capital Mumbai. This has forced workers to return to their villages in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand. Seeing the economic scenario ,demand for economic package has been raised by many people. It is necessary to reduce the problems of poor and middle class who have to remain in their houses. The Govermment has set up a task force to solve economic problems.

In America , many companies have made work from home compulsary. America is thinking of various packages to reduce the effects of corona virus. America is considering the cares act in which various companies will receive economic help. This is being done to maintain the employment of people.

There is a saying that extraordinary times need extraordinary measures. Lockdown will reduce revenue of government and income of people. It will reduce consumption of people.

The best weapon to defeat corona virus is social distancing. The experts of world health organisation has said that corona virus can even spread through family members and co workers of the office. People should focus on their individual cleanliness. People should use alcohol based soaps and sanitizers. People should make it a habit to wash their hands many times. While washing their hands ,people should rub their hands from behind . People must rub the soap in between their fingers. Soap must be rubbed behind the fingers. People must rub the soap on thumb and rub their nails on their hands.

Public is advised to not spit in public places. People should avoid contact with animals. It is advised to eat vegetarian food. People should avoid handshake and do Namaste by joining hands instead. It has been observed that many people around the world have followed the Indian practice of doing Namaste .It is adviced to not take any medicine without the consultation of registered medical practitioner.

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