Controlling Corona

The government told on Monday that there were only 92 new cases of corona in the past 24 hours. There were 4 deaths due to corona in the past 24 hours. It took 12 days for the figure of corona infected people to reach 1,000. In times when number of people infected with corona worldwide are more than 7 lakhs,

India has succeeded in controlling corona to a great extent. People must see the figures in percentage of population infected with corona virus to understand the success of India in controlling corona.India has a population of 130 crore .Very few percentage of Indian population is infected with corona virus.

This is the achievement of Indian government till now.The figure of people who died due to corona is near 35 thousand. These are times to take precautions to protect ourselves from the disease of corona. During the past few days , there was crowd of migrant labourers seen on the borders of states , this has posed some challenges for the government. The prevailing condition can be predicted from the comment of the supreme court which heard a petition related to the migrant labourers.

The supreme court commented that fear and terror are more dangerous than the virus. Till now ,the supreme court has praised the efforts of the Central Government to control the corona virus. At the time when Prime Minister announced lockdown of 21 days, the state governments should have become alert. Whatever may be the reason, there is a danger of spread of corona virus due to the mass gathering of labourers which is also harmful for the labourers. Central Home Ministry has directed all state governments to seal their borders. This order is given to strictly enforce the lockdown.

It is necessary that food and shelter should be arranged for the migrant workers at the place at which they are present. If necessary, the schools, community houses and even big buildings of private sector must be converted into temporary home for migrant workers. 14 days of quarantine must be made compulsary for those migrant labourers who have reached their village or destination. Medical investigation of such migrant labourers must be done. There must be maximum use of all government and private resources to control corona virus. All the people must fight together against corona which is a threat to humanity.

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