Change in phone numbers, In order to make calls to mobile phones, ‘0’ must be dialed: Telecom Department

Change in phone numbers: Telecom Department

All telecom providers have been notified of the change, with a January 1 deadline to make all necessary changes.

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has announced that all landline customers will soon have to dial ‘0’ before calling mobile phone numbers. Telecom providers have been notified of the new change and have been given a January 1 deadline to take all necessary action.

A statement said that consumers should be made aware of the new change, which would require them to dial ‘0’, i.e. STD calling, from their landlines.

DOT has released a statement titled ‘Dialing Pattern Modification from Fixed Line Numbers to Cellular Mobile Numbers’. Troi (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has recommended that the ‘0’ be prefixed before making calls to mobile phones from a landline.

Calls can now be made from basic or fixed phones by dialing ‘0’ for inter-service area mobile calls. Troy emphasized that the introduction of ‘0’ number dialing for a call was not intended to increase the number of digits in the telephone number.

The dialing pattern change will generate an additional 2,544 million numbers for mobile services to meet future needs, ”the regulatory authority said.

 Telecommunication Service Providers (TSP) have given January 1 deadline for telecom service providers to implement the change. The DOT said that a ‘0’ dialing facility should be provided for fixed-line subscribers, i.e. STD calling.

It further explained that an advertisement should be created to inform consumers of this new change. The Department of Telecommunications has directed that this notice be heard whenever customers dial a mobile number without dialing ‘0’.

Change in phone numbers Change in phone numbers

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