Book Review of Political Ponerology – The Pseudo Science of Pathological Leaders

As research shows, victims often turn out to be scoundrels, and perhaps the worst offenders in society are those who have harmed themselves, and seek revenge. We know that revenge is actually a very strong psychological motivator. Victims who have actually been abused or convince themselves that they have been abused, even if their own failures have brought them down, are probably the most dangerous in our society.

There is an interesting book on the subject, which you may want to read if you want to get revenge on the victim’s disgusting diatribe and pathological behavior. The author finds the unreliable and incongruous that four percent of the population is unable to detect right-wrong using conscience because they have no one to begin with. Indeed, the victim is a Polish gentleman dealing with the Nazi regime, and then Stalin after the war.

The victim came up with “theories” with all his disgusting anger, attempting to present them as facts, that some of the bloodshed of the elite contained the gene set that allowed them to operate in society without conscience. Used to give Thus, giving them the benefit of life and actions without guilt – which is why they often rise to the top of society, leaving broken dreams, destruction, wreckage and even death in their wake. This victim uses his so-called pseudoscience to convince the reader of these convictions.

Why did I even bother to read this book? A person who considers himself a non-acquaintance of mine after an online email discussion recommended it to me. The book goes into theories of evil, and claims to be scientific, it really isn’t, but it is very interesting – the book’s name is:

“Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purpose,” By Andrzej Lobaczewki – Edited by Laura Knight-Jadsky, New Leaf Distribution, (2007), page 239, ISBN: 978-189-72442-58.

The book as a whole is interesting, but it tends to be a better political hit piece than Mein Koff in my opinion, as it attacks George W. Bush, a former US President. The writer, and especially the editor, would not realize that Stalin was a communist and Hitler was a socialist because they attacked the personal character of the US President. In fact, I felt sorry for the author that his life became a nefarious revenge mission to attack our leaders, but I was genuinely surprised by the wickedly cunning nature of how the book turned Lobezhevki’s work into a political hit piece. used as.

What is worse is that it is astonishing that the editor of this book did not dare to trash our current current President, who is by all definition a socialist leaning and thinking leader. In fact, due to President Bush’s low approval rating at the end of his second term, I do not doubt that the book was popular and rekindled Lebezewecki’s pseudoscience. The reality is that there is absolutely no empirical evidence to support the claims in this book, even if it claims to be scientific.

Did I enjoy this book? Yes, I thought it was kind of comical, because it depicts the sick mind of the victim who is suffering and unable to come to terms with his own bad thoughts, or the evil that ruined his life experience . Thus, he was a damaged and driven soul. But, I believe this book is dangerous, because it is the one that ignites the conspiracy theory.

Would I buy this book again? Oh definitely not. Will I read it for free if it is available? Only Chapter II, so please consider all of this, and please be careful what you read and why, and be wise enough to see the true inspiration of such authors as they cry foul.

Source by Lance Winslow

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