If you lack the motivation to train outdoors, these Black Friday treadmill deals can help kickstart your fitness program. With these sales of treadmills in stock you can secure a gym-standard machine and walk, run or sprint to inject a little cardio into your home workout ideas with ease. Running is an accessible exercise that improves aerobic fitness and cardiovascular health. Plus it’s a great calorie burner and could help with weight and fat loss. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a person weighing 154lb can burn 295 calories during a 30 minute run at a 5mph pace. 

It’s no wonder treadmills are so popular – they are versatile, and a great way to help you tick off your 10,000 steps a day while you answer emails or take work calls (or just binge the latest Netflix show). Regardless of if you want to get into running to lose weight, or just work on your overall fitness, we have all the best Black Friday treadmill deals for you. The best running shoes can also boost your workout, whether you prefer training in running shorts or leggings.

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