Bizarre Tattoo Detailing How to Cryogenically Freeze Dead Body Goes Viral

A photo of a man’s rib tattoo with detailed instructions for cryonic freezing went viral after a user posted it to a popular Reddit forum.

Posted by an anonymous user who goes by u/Original_Ad_1103, posted a picture of the tattoo in Reddit’s popular “interestingasf**k” subreddit, where it received nearly 46,000 upvotes and 2,800 comments.

Cryonics is the process of freezing human and animal remains in the hopes that future medicine will be able to heal and revive them. The idea has fostered strong criticism and controversy, with some saying the process is expensive and can’t even guarantee it will work.

The Cryonics Institute reports having more than 1,869 total members, with about 1,300 from America, and currently has 150 patients in cryostasis chambers.

Viral tattoo shows cryonics instructions
An image of a tattoo detailing instructions for cryogenic freezing went viral in a popular Reddit thread. Cryogenics has been a controversial topic given its uncertainty of being successful.

In the post titled “A tattoo detailing instructions on how to preserve the body of a “Cryonics” member” the user attached a photo of the alleged tattoo.

The tattoo read:

“In case of emergency

Call 800-367-222

For biostasis protocol

50,000 Heparin IV

CPR & cool c ice

No embalming/Autopsy

Member A- 011″

Nearly 2,800 users commented on the post, with many picking apart the tattoo line by line.

Many noticed that the phone number was missing a number, with some making jokes and others researching the potential last number.

“I’m sorry. The number you have dialed is no longer in service. Have a nice day!” one user joked.

“Actually it’s an 8… Confirmed by trying each digit on Google until a cryogenics result came up… Alcor cryogenics,” one user confirmed.

Other users called out the DNR (do not resuscitate) on the tattoo and explained that medical professionals are not bound to any of the instructions on the tattoo.

“I’m not going to start weird, non-standard of care medicine based on a tattoo,” one user claiming to be an emergency room doctor commented. “There’s already precedent that even DNR tattoos are not legally binding. No way I’m doing this”

“50,000 units of heparin + CPR will make one hell of a mess,” another user commented. “If you gave that dose to an awake healthy patient they would bleed from every orifice and probably suffer a hemorrhagic stroke. Source – ITU doc.”

“As a paramedic there is no f’ing way I’m calling that number. In fact, there’s exactly zero chance of me remotely following those instructions,” another user wrote. “I’m following state mandated protocol unless you present me with an official power of attorney document saying otherwise.”

Newsweek reached out to u/Original_Ad_1103 and the Cryonics Institute for comment.

In a story from last September, it was reported that a woman raided her ex-husband’s cryogenics lab, stealing frozen brains and cadavers.

In 2017, Newsweek reported on the same Russian company, KrioRus, after it announced its plan to purchase a bunker in Switzerland in hopes of turning it into a cryopreservation lab.

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