Bill Of Supply printing in Tally

Tally is a popular accounting software . Businessman can use tally to make and print invoices. Business firm selling exempt goods has to make and print a bill of supply instead of tax invoice. Necessities like food grains have been kept exempt from goods and services tax. Following steps can be followed to make and print bill of supply in tally

1- In the screen of gateway of tally, click on Accounts Info or press the A button.

2-Press the V button or select Voucher Types.

3- Click on Create or press C button.

4- Fill in the details in the screen . Write sales in front of type of voucher. Write bill of supply in front of abbreviation. You can fill in the information as per your requirements. After filling the information, press the accept button. Bill Of Supply voucher will get created .

5 – Go to the screen of gateway of tally by pressing the escape button multiple times.

6- Click on Accounting Vouchers or press the V button .

7- Click on Sales button on right hand side or press F8 button.

8- Select Bill Of Supply from the list of types.

9- Type party’s name and the sales ledger.

10- Fill the details like name of item, quantity and rate.The amount will automatically get displayed. Press the accept button to save .

11- Open the voucher and press print button on top left corner of the screen.

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