Beware of this fraud if you scan and pay QR code

Beware of this fraud if you scan and pay QR code

The QR Code has been working as a weapon for cybercriminals for some time now. You must have given money online to the petrol pump or shopkeeper by scanning the QR code. But do you know that you can be a victim of fraud by scanning the QR code?

Quick Response (QR) was first made in Japan. Now it used indiscriminately in India. You do not take precautions in its use, you can be a victim of fraud. We tell you what is QR code phishing and how can you avoid it.


As people have progressed towards digital transactions, the incidence of fraud with people is increasing. When making contactless payments, many people scan the QR code & transfer money.

Fraud by scanning the QR code?

Fraudster takes advantage of that. They replace the QR code. Which the payment goes to the account of the fraudster. Changing the same QR code to insert a QR code called QR code phishing. Your money does not go to the shopkeeper & goes to the account of Fraud.


QR codes can be different methods of phishing. For this, the scammer can send you the QR code via message or email. In which you can say that a lottery of 10,000 required. In which you will ask to make money in your bank account by giving UPI PIN.

As you scan that QR code. You will be asking for UPI PIN. You will feel that money will come into your account. Giving the UPI PIN, your money will go to the scammer’s account.

There is a possibility that you scan the QR code installed there with a petrol pump a shopkeeper & pay it. There the scammer can replace the original QR code with his QR code. Which the payment scanned by the QR code is transferred to the account of the scammer.

To avoid this type of fraud, be careful whenever you scan & pay the QR code. After scanning the QR code, the receiver gets the name in it, please confirm it. Avoid scanning an unknown or new QR code found in the message or email.

Instead of scanning the QR code directly from the phone’s camera, do it with an app that tells the details of the QR code. Take immediate action on any wrong transaction in the bank. If you are a victim of fraud, you can complain about it in the cyber cell.

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