Best White Jeans to Wear for Spring & Summer: Shop Stylish White Jeans

White jeans are a timeless wardrobe essential, no matter the season. Annie Sheehan for Observer

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is tricky in any situation, but it’s even harder when the search is for the best *white* denim. There are so many factors at play when it comes to locating the perfect pair of white jeans; you want these pants to be flattering and comfortable, and also made of an appropriately opaque fabric so that they don’t end up being totally see-through. Some people firmly believe that white jeans are strictly appropriate from Memorial Day through Labor Day, while others advocate for year-round white jeans. But no matter where you stand on timing, there’s no denying that a chic pair of white denim pants are an essential item in any capsule wardrobe.

White jeans now come in a variety of shades and silhouettes, whether you’re looking for a cream-colored flare, an ivory skinny or a cropped ecru, along with the plethora of other hues and styles out there. There are high-waisted, mid-rise and, yes, low-waisted options, for every style preference. If you’re not yet convinced of the power of a classic pair of white jeans, just give them another try this year and you’ll see what a sartorial powerhouse they are. You can pair your favorite white denim with a crop top, a flowing button-down or a cozy sweater depending on the occasion—the possibilities are endless! Spring is finally here and summer is mere months away, so now’s the time to add a chic pair of white jeans to your wardrobe. Below, take a look at our favorite white jeans to shop right now.

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