Ariana Grande launched r.e.m. beauty in late 2021.

Ariana Grande on set of "The Voice" in November 2021.

Ariana Grande wears r.e.m. beauty products while appearing on “The Voice” in 2021.

NBC/Getty Images

I purchased 11 products via the r.e.m. beauty website when they launched on November 12. Right after I confirmed my order, the website prompted me to leave a review of each product, which I thought was a bit strange, as I hadn’t used any of them yet.

I became even more puzzled when I got my order confirmation email, which stated that three items I bought — an eyeliner, lip gloss, and lip stain — wouldn’t be ready to ship until weeks later.

The email said, “please note, orders containing one or more of the following items are expected to ship December 3,” but didn’t explain why. I also didn’t notice any warning that the items would ship late when adding them to my cart.

All but one of my items finally arrived on December 7, and I promptly put them all to the test.

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