Android 12: Google will add these features to your phone in the next major Android update

Google is preparing to release the next major Android update – Android 12 this year. Currently, the developer preview of Android 12 has been introduced. This will give users a glimpse of what new features Google is preparing to offer. After Apple, Google is also focusing on providing more data transparency and privacy control to Android users. Let’s know about the new features that Google is going to add soon to your Android phone.

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The first developer preview of Android 12

Since this is the first developer preview of Android 12, it has been supported only on some phones. These phones are Pixel 3 Series, Pixel 3a Series, Pixel 4 Series, Pixel 4a Series, and Pixel 5. Users who have these phones can directly try the latest Android 12 DP1. However, users should avoid installing it on their primary device. Because you can lose your data.

This is an early build of software updates. Made for app developers and testers. According to Google, the first Android beta update can be released in the month of May. It is expected that the stable build can be launched in October this year.

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Talking about Android 12, according to Google’s blog post, videos recorded in HEVC and HDR formats will be automatically transcoded in AVC format. It will also offer users the support of a new AVIF image file format, which will help improve image quality compared to JPEG format without increasing the file size.

There will also be support for haptic-coupled audio effects in this upcoming OS. Google has also improved gesture navigation in the new OS. Also, after the new Android update, there will be some changes in the design of the Settings app.

According to a 9to5Mac report, Android 12 will also get privacy toggles to block the camera and microphone. This will be a good feature for privacy-focused users. Apart from all this, Google has also added the ability to share Wi-Fi passwords wirelessly with Nearby users in a new update.

According to the Android Policy report, Google has also made it easy to use the Emergency SOS feature. Android 12 users only need to press the power button 5 times to activate the emergency feature.

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