Alicia Vikander shares uncomfortable sex scene experience: ‘That was not right’

Alicia Vikander has addressed the time she was made to feel vulnerable while filming a sex scene.

In a new interview, the actor spoke about her discomfort with filming such scenes, calling them “the worst thing ever”.

Appearing on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar’s May issue, the Swedish Oscar winner said: “I’ve been in situations that were not fine, where I didn’t feel I was protected.”

She continued: “You have an actor who sits there naked for a couple of hours… someone is supposed to arrive with a robe, and they don’t … that was not right. I should have been looked after.”

Vikander added that, while she’s “very comfortable with [her] body”, she “never” finds it “easy”.

“It’s the worst thing ever to do those scenes,” she said, adding:

Vikander also addressed the glamour surrounding show business, calling it an “illusion of what the industry is… It’s four months where a bunch of strangers work 15-hour days, six days a week, and don’t sleep”.

Her comments about sex scenes are similar to ones she made in a 2019 interview with The Independent, in which she described them as “the most uncomfortable thing for anyone to do”.

Alicia Vikdander has shared her experience of an uncomfortable sex scene

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Vikander, who won Best Supporting Actor Oscar for The Danish Girl in 2016, married Michael Fassbender in 201. The he couple had their first child last year.

“We travel together, always,” she told the magazine. “That’s the rule. We do jobs so one of us can always be with the baby.”

Her new project, Irma Vep, will be coming to Sky Atlantic and NOW later this year.

The May issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK is on sale from 7 April.

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