Alert! Google blocks these 11 smartphone apps, uninstall them right away

Another incident of Android apps harming customers by means of injecting malware on their smartphones has come to light. According to researchers at Check Point, as many as 11 apps have been identified which had been inflamed with the notorious Joker malware. Google has been tracking these apps since 2017 and has subsequently removed them from its Play Store.

Check Point researchers found a brand new variant of the Joker malware that became gift interior legitimate apps. Android customers who may additionally have any of these apps hooked up need to get them uninstall right now. The list of apps detected include –



com.cheery.message.sendsms (two different instances)





What have been these apps doing?

According to the researchers, those apps were subscribing to top rate offerings on behalf of users, without their knowledge. This approach that you can robbed of your money without actually subscribing to these offerings. Hackers advanced an old manner of getting internal apps they may bypass Google Play’s protections.

Check Point delivered that despite Google Play’s protection features, the Joker malware is still very complex to locate. And it may very well make it back to the Play Store.

Earlier this 12 months, Google launched a record in which it stated that it had detected and removed 1700 malicious “Bread” apps from the Play Store. These Bread apps are ones with the Joker malware. Google said that those apps have been removed even before users should download it.

Last week, Google had eliminated 25 apps from its Play Store that were allegedly stealing your data. The problem become recognized with the aid of French cyber-security firm Evina, which claimed that those apps stole Facebook credentials of customers. The firm even noted that by the point they had been taken down, these 25 apps have been downloaded a few 2.34 million times in total.

All those apps come with different names however served the same purpose. Some had been step counters, picture editors, video editor apps, others were wallpaper apps, flashlight applications, file managers, and mobile games.

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