A movie review of the movie ‘Les Miserables’

Jean Valjean was given the number 24601 as a remark from prison, after 19 years of imprisonment for stealing a loaf of bread and several unsuccessful attempts, he eventually received parole granted by the police inspector in charge named Javert. The parole of 24601 is a warning to the public that he is a former criminal. He was rejected by the society that he starved to death, but suddenly a bishop let him stay in his house. But 24601 is still 24601, he was caught red handed stealing silverware and claimed it was given to him. Unsurprisingly, Bishop Myriel shows some mercy that he lies just to protect himself. 24601 Feeling ashamed and asking for repentance, Bishop Miriel encourages him to be a better person. 24601 broke his parole and lived as Monsieur Madeleine. After 8 years, he became Monsieur Le Mayor, where Fantine was working. Fantine had a child and is captured by her co-workers, to the point that she loses her job and even asks Monsieur for help but they don’t let her go. Javert, on the other hand, found 24601 to be Monsieur Madeleine and suspected him. M. Madeleine decides to confront her past in the form of Jean Valjean, who owned 24601. So, when Valjean saw Fantine that he was needed, Javert was dedicated to capturing him. Fantine even tells Valjean that she asks for his help but she ignores it.

So as a recompense, Valjean promises Fantine that he will find and care for her child named Cossette. Soon, Fantine died and Valjean did what he had promised. He found Cosette and even negotiated to take him and become her father. Javert, on the other hand, was so eager to capture 24601. And for Cosette’s sake, Valjean didn’t reveal the truth that he was an ex-convict and kept it as his secret. The locations of places are how they hide from Jawart. Years ago, Cossette now became a celebrity who captured the heart of her man named Marius. When Valjean captured it, he decided to join the revolution generated by law students against the government, in order to save Marius from death. At the barricades, he had a chance to kill Javert, but he did not set him free and pretended that he killed him to gain the students’ trust. When soldiers attacked their barricades, Marius was mortally wounded. Valjean took her to see a doctor, but after Javert saw them, Valjean begged him to let them go for Marius’s sake. When Marius was cured and the revolution took place, Valjean spoke to him and confessed his secret from the past that he was an ex-convict of 24601. Valjean begs Marius not to tell Cosette anything and tells her that he is on a long journey. Tell him that he runs away from them. On their wedding day, Marius learned that Valjean was the savior of his life and that he was very ill. He took his wife to see Valjean at his last moment to thank him. Jean Valjean was relieved to see his beloved Cosette and Marius, which gave him reason enough to leave and say a final goodbye.

Jean Valjean’s death shows that his sufferings were over and he finally had the freedom that he had long aimed for. Jean Valjean is a symbol of love, compassion and repentance that can inspire another person. In which, most of us were living a miserable life where some could not handle the pain and decided to end their life but Jean Valjean showed that there is another way to live but you have to forgive your enemies. And to love you need to encourage yourself. Life is bitter to live, so we need to find some sugar to balance it.

The film is not just a film that entertains the eyes of the audience, but it is a film that impresses the audience and gives a lot of lessons that can be applied in a real life situation. The film’s scenes and events are streamlined and well presented, with the flow of the story so easy to follow and it was easy to identify characters who were portrayed by actors, actresses, and even extras . The film gives hope to every aspect of our lives and makes us feel that we are part of the story.

Source by Kersten Dizon

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