A Beginner’s Guide to Roller Skating

For many parents today the first real exposure to roller skating is when their child is invited to a birthday party at the skating rink. At that party the child rents a pair of skates and their parents either see them or want to join them at the rink. From that exposure some children develop a genuine interest in the sport. Also, some parents decide that this is a sport they would like their children to engage in. This article is written for new skaters wanting to learn the sport.

So you decided you want to roller skate. You don’t want to rent them every time you go to the rink. If you go often it can get very expensive. What kind of skates should I buy for myself and my child? It all depends on what kind of skating I want to do. Most people would just like to use them at the rink. There are many excellent skates available for under $100 that will serve you well as you begin this new journey. Whether you’re buying for yourself or your child, stay away from real cheap skates. They will not give you a good feel and will break in a short time. Some really cheap ones will start to break after you use them a few times. Stay away from cheap skates found at big box stores. Look for some quality brand names for over $50 and you won’t be disappointed.

Once you get into it you will see people on the rink who are in a jam. What is jam skating? It borrows forms from gymnastics, break dancing, hip hop and is a wonderful display of balance and athletic ability. It aims to replace these moves from traditional dance and to be performed on roller skates. You’ll probably have tournaments on or near the rink to showcase their skills. If you’re into dancing or other related moves, you’d probably love to complete some of those moves on roller skates. Then jam skating is for you!

Another type of roller skating is called derby skating. This type of roller skating is very entertaining and attracts a huge crowd. It is a contact sport for men and women. It has developed internationally and is now mostly a women’s sport. You won’t find yourself derby skating at your local roller skating rink. Roller derby takes place on an oval track and they earn points by passing to members of the opposing team. They get very physical in encounters with the opposing team.

Artistic or recreational skating is performed on high top shoes. Artistic skating includes spin, jump and dance moves. All contestants are judged on their exuberance, flow of movement, harmonious composition, harmony of music and use of the rink.

So you can see that skating can take many forms. I suggest you just start at the rink to learn to skate. If any of these other types of skating interest you, you can eventually buy some skates that will be suitable for that sport. Most of all get on some skates and enjoy!

Source by Ken Burrill

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