6 DIY Staircase Makeover Updates You Can Do This Weekend | Architectural Digest

A coat of bright lacquer on the handrail instantly gives a staircase that desirable pop. If you want to incorporate color see how it speaks to the rest of the house. A contrasting rail gives off an element of fun, while a black lacquered handrail adds “a little drama that is timeless and full of character,” Babcock says. 

Tip 5: Border on a cool wall design

A decorated wall space creates a point of interest on a basic staircase. 
Photo: lechatnoir

That wall alongside your staircase can figure into its reimagination. Paint it a strong color or use it to display a large piece of art, Drysdale says. “The wall is forgotten in staircase redesigns but can create an unexpected, uncommon visual that stays with you,” she says.

Tip 6: Change up the balusters

A mix-and-match approach to balusters for a contemporary twist.
Photo: Fotosearch

The rods that support a staircase’s railing are called pickets or balusters. Typically, they’re all identical, but if you want to play up the flair, Babcock recommends incorporating a complimentary but different picket, every four to six rods. “Figure out how many balusters you need, and then calculate an interval that makes sense from the beginning of the railing to the end,” she says. “For example, if you have 48 balusters, you could swap out the secondary style every fourth one.”

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