One of the first things I noticed was how little outdoor seating there was for restaurants in the historic district.

Charleston road trip

I thought there would be more outdoor dining setups like this one.

Rachel Askinasi/Insider

As a New Yorker, I’ve gotten very used to outdoor dining over the past two years. Though, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, I always preferred an outside table when given the option and when the weather allowed. 

I visited Charleston at the beginning of December, and it was around 70 degrees each day — beautiful outdoor dining weather, in my opinion. 

Since it’s such a nice-weather destination, I expected every restaurant to offer outdoor seating, especially given the warm temperatures and rising number of COVID-19 cases. However, I was shocked to see only a handful of restaurants in the historic downtown area with outdoor tables, and when I asked staff about it, was simply told they don’t offer it.

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