4G speed isn’t accessible even when obtaining network, thus try this setting at once

4G speed isn’t accessible even when obtaining network

Nowadays all smartphones area unit coming back with 4G support, however many of us area unit upset with the network downside. things of 4G network is okay in cities however still terribly dangerous within the village. whether or not the network is 3G or 4G, if the web speed is sweet then there’s no downside, however, the dearth of speed on the 4G network makes it terribly annoying as a result of generally the mandatory work is additionally stalled because of it. thus allow us to show today a way to increase the speed of 4G network in robot smartphones.

If fiber cable is employed in situ of copper cable in your space then the network is going to be sensible and speed also will be accessible. The speed of Jio is healthier than that of Airtel. learn the way to extend speed within the next slide.

If your web is running slow then initial check the settings of the phone. In phone, settings visit network settings and choose the well-liked style of a network as 4G or LTE.

Also check the Access purpose Network (APN) setting within the network settings, because it is important to own the proper APN for speed. visit the menu of APN Settings and set the setting by default.

Apart from this, keep an eye fixed on the social media presence on the phone. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram scale back speed and consume a lot of information likewise. shut down Auto-Play Video by reaching to their settings. Also, set the phone’s browser to information save mode.

4G speed isn’t accessible 4G speed isn’t accessible

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