3 Ways Technology Has Changed the World for Home Based Business Owners

I love that I was born in this day and age and I don’t know how I could have lived at any other time in history. New technological advancements have made my life as a home based business owner a lot easier. I am excited by the possibilities available with technology today and the ideas of technology that will be available very soon.

The purpose of this article is to share with you, as a fellow home based business owner, some thoughts on how current technological advances are improving the way we run businesses. If you are living in the past then it is time to change the way you think and use technology to your advantage.

Here are three things to consider as a work from home entrepreneur:

Social media and web 2.0 changed marketing- The old rules of advertising made it difficult for a home based business to compete with larger companies. The Internet, through search engines, Web 2.0 and social media, has changed everything for the benefit of smaller operators. Yes, big companies can make use of the internet but you can still be very successful if you target your market in the right way.

Smart phones have made people’s lives better I was too late for the idea of ​​a smart phone- even though I had worked in the industry for many years. But now, I don’t know how I lived without one. I started with Blackberry, moved to HTC and now I can never live without my iPhone. it is very convenient. I can send and receive emails, make calls, send and receive texts and there are many other applications that make my life better. It gives me so much time back. I can answer a lot of emails and work during the day in my spare time. For example, I often write articles on my iPhone during the day if I’m waiting at a cafe or something like that. I usually save about an hour a day.

You can run a home based business but sell to the world- In my opinion, of all the inventions the Internet has had the most impact on mankind. Now, with an internet connection, I can sell my products anywhere in the world from home. Previously as a home based business owner my target audience was probably limited to the suburbs around me.

Technology has changed the world and, as you can see from above, there are three technological developments that have had the most dramatic impact on home based businesses.

Source by Hamish Jones

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